Belfast Local Organising Team

Northern Ireland is a special and beautiful part of the world with full of diversity both in terms of nature and people.  With only two universities and as an island it also experiences some disconnection to the rest of the political map of the country. We need more inspirations to persuade young people especially females to undertake science careers. In 2014, Dr Geetha Srinivasan from The Queen’s University Belfast who was then a senior research fellow was invited to speak at the first ever event in Ireland region held in Trinity College Dublin. Seeing the need for this event to cross borders, she brought this event first time to Northern Ireland in 2015. Ever since Dr Cristina Lagunas and Geetha formed partnership to conduct this event in Northern Ireland and this is the third successful year. Geetha is now based in her new job in Malaysia and is now working remotely with Dr Cristina to organise this event in 2019. Geetha and Cristina’s trustworthy partnership in running these events is a stark example of women power.