This Year

2019 is set to be the biggest year yet for Soapbox Science, with 42 events planned across 13 countries! Scientist will take to the streets, sharing their research and answering the public’s burning questions! Expect props, demonstrations and specimens, not to mention bags of passion and enthusiasm! Events will start in May and run through until October.


The Local Organising teams are busy preparing for the year ahead and you can find out more about them here.

2019 events:

Tucumán- 7th September

Gold Coast- 17th August
Sydney- 10th August

Rio de Janeiro- 14th July

Calgary- 1st June
Halifax- July
Ottawa- 14th September
Toronto- September
Waterloo- 9th June
Windsor- 22nd September

Berlin- 22nd June
Munich- 1st June

Accra- 25th May

Dublin- 30th June
Cork- June
Galway- 29th June

Lagos- 22nd August
Lagos- 23rd November

South Africa:
Cape Town- September

Umeå- 18th May
Uppsala- May

Arusha- 8th August

Aberdeen- May & September
Belfast- date tbc
Brighton- 1st June
Bristol- 20th July
Canterbury- 15th June
Cardiff- 1st June
Edinburgh- 8th June
Exeter- 29th June
Leicester- 1st June
London- 25th May
Milton Keynes- 29th June
Newcastle- 15th June
Norwich- date tbc
Plymouth- 1st June
Reading- 8th June
Sheffield- June/July
Stoke-on-Trent- 6th July
Swansea- 22nd June
York- June

Boulder- 7th April
Chicago- 13th July

Want to take part?

If you want to bring an event to your city in 2020, find out how to become a Local Organiser with our short video. Stay up to date on the latest news by following Soapbox Science on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram