Our Policy Work

Providing evidence at Parliamentary Inquiries

In April 2016, the Science and Technology Committee (Commons) launched a call for evidence for its inquiry into the communication of science. The inquiry explores “how Government, scientists, the media and others encourage and facilitate public awareness of – and engagement in – science”.

In the Royal Society of Biology’s response to the call for evidence, Soapbox Science was mentioned as an example of how Bioscience societies support science communication and public engagement.

Later on, Soapbox Science co-founders were invited to provide oral evidence to this inquiry. The transcript of their contribution can be read here 



Talented Women for a Successful Wales

In March 2016, a report commissioned by the Welsh Government  – entitled Talented Women for a Successful Wales – seeks to find ways to encourage more girls and women in Wales to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects and pursue careers in the science sector. The report mentions Soapbox Science (on p.30) as one of the examples under EDUCATION/Higher Education.