Media Coverage

The Irish News, July 2017 NUI Galway scientists take to the streets

The Northern Echo, June 2017 Women team up for Soapbox Science event in Newcastle

BBC News Wales, June 2017 Cardiff ‘soapbox’ event to promote equality in science

The Times, June 2017 A soapbox is the perfect stage for animal education

Womanthology, May 2017 Soapbox Science 2017

Chemistry World, May 2017 Boxing Clever

Scientia, February 2017 Soapbox Science

Milton Keynes Citizen, June 2016: Soapbox Science drops into the shopping centre

Cambridge News, June 2016: Top female Cambridge scientists will battle it out at city’s Soapbox Science Festival

ITV News, June 2016: Cardiff event to make science more attractive

The Guardian, June 2016: Why aren’t there more women in science? The industry structure is sexist

Express & Echo, May 2016: Women scientists bring their subject to life on Exeter streets

The Guardian, February 2016: Where to get your science fix

The List, February 2016: Soapbox Science comes to Edinburgh

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