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Soapbox Science Bristol

2019 will see the fifth time that Soapbox Science will have come to the streets of Bristol. Sharing the research of the best and brightest of the West Countries fantastic female scientists with the public. Having had a year off in 2018 we are very excited to be back, bigger and better than ever.

The Team

Dr Emily Bell. Emily is a Senior Teaching Associate at the University of Bristol. She comes with a wealth of experience about Soapbox Science having been involved initially as a volunteer, then as a speaker in both 2014 and 2015 and as the past Soapbox Science Event and Media coordinator supported by a STFC Large Public Engagement Award. Emily conducted her PhD with Soapbox Science Co-founder, Dr Sumner, on the evolution of social behaviour in tropical paper wasps. She has a real passion for science communication and is continuing on her quest to try and spread #wasplove to the world.


Dr Bex Pike. Bex is a Senior Teaching Associate in animal behaviour and conservation biology at the University of Bristol. In her research she applies mathematical modelling techniques to try to unpick and understand animal behaviour and the decisions that animals make. This method is interesting and useful as it allows you to explain and understand what influences animals to behave the way they do. As a speaker at the Soapbox Science event in Bristol in 2017 she is aware of what a rewarding and enjoyable experience being part of the events can be and how important it is to talk to a wide variety of people (and not just other scientists) about new research.  As she we was eager to be part of the team to make sure a Bristol event ran in 2019!


Rehemat Bhatia. Rehemat is a postdoc in the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol. She uses the chemistry of fossil plankton shells to understand more about their ecologies, and climate in the past. Having really enjoyed taking part in the 2017 Soapbox Science: Art and Science event in London, collaborating with Helen Hugh-Jones (owner of Nells Originals), she was eager to continue helping others have great Soapbox experiences in Bristol!



Dr Dong Liu. Dong joined Bristol Physics as a Lecturer in July 2018 and is a researcher on Nuclear Materials. She was both a speaker and co-organiser of the Soapbox Science event in Oxford for the past three years. Knowing how much fun it is to run Soapbox she was eager to continue showcasing brilliant female scientists research to the public. She can’t wait to meet more women scientists/engineers @ 2019 Bristol Soapbox!



Dr Heather Birch. Heather is a postdoc in the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol. She looks at past ocean chemistry and climate using small marine fossil shells. With particular interest in mass extinctions and recoveries in marine ocean life and chemistry. Heather is new to soapbox science, but is looking forward to being part of this year’s Bristol event!




Dr Caroline McKinnon. Caroline is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol, studying an aspect of kidney disease. She is also the Widening Participation / Outreach contact and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lead for the School of Biochemistry. Caroline was part of the organising committee for  Soapbox Science, Bristol, in 2017. 






We are grateful to our sponsors past and present for helping us to bring Soapbox Science to the Streets of Bristol with both their financial and logistical support. These include: The University of Bristol School of Biological Sciences, School of Physics and Dental School.


Past events

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