Halifax Local Organising Team

Soapbox Science Halifax

“I was inspired to organize a Soapbox Science event in Halifax to help aspiring scientists meet and interact with potential role models. In addition, I am interested in experimenting with different science communication platforms.” – Emma Finlayson-Trick


The Team

Emma Finlayson-Trick, Dalhousie University @FinlaysonTrick




Dr. Craig McCormick, Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Dalhousie University @MCraigMcCormick





Dr. Alyson Kelvin


Drs. Craig McCormick and Alison Thompson and myself were the organizing committee for the first Soapbox Science Halifax event in 2018. Dr Alyson Kelvin joined the organising team for the 2019 event. Roles and responsibilities included: organizing the twelve speakers, applying for funding, and promoting the event.



Soapbox Science Halifax is sponsored by the NSERC Student Ambassador Program and Dalhousie University Office of the President.




Past events

Find out about past events and speakers in Halifax: