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Soapbox Science Munich

After hosting our first and very successful Soapbox Science event in 2018, we, the Munich team, are eager and already looking forward to continuing sharing science with the public! With its many research institutes and universities, Munich is a true hub for science. We select our speakers from a competitive pool of enthusiastic researchers  keen to share their work in technology, science, medicine and engineering. We want to encourage and utilize the power of strong women* scientists to educate and inspire the public about science.

We are a team of scientists  of different nationalities living in Munich, where we study a range of topics within life sciences. We organize this event to fulfill our common goals: make science available for people of all backgrounds and ages, and empower future scientists while bringing to the spotlight all  women* working in science.  If you would be interested in developing a talk with us and delivering it to the streets of Munich, please don’t hesitate to apply!

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We couldn’t run this event without the generous logistical and financial support of our sponsors. They have helped us grow as a local chapter and made it possible for us to keep hosting more events and reaching a larger audience throughout the years.

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You can check our website to read truly interesting interviews and blog posts about our speakers and what they have to say about themselves and their research.