Plymouth Local Organising Team

Soapbox Science Plymouth

Come and take part in Soapbox Science Plymouth on June 1st 2019!! The event is part of the Education Section of Freedom Fields Festival – a truly unique place to talk about your research!


The Team

The The University of Plymouth Events (UoPE)  will be leading the organisation of the Soapbox Science Plymouth events. The organisational team also comprises Dr. Tina Joshi and Dr. Jodie Fisher. We are a very friendly and experienced team who have delivered talks at Soapbox Science events across the UK. We are also passionate about showcasing your talent and will strive to make your day as best as possible!! Join us in the glorious South in June! Make a weekend of it and see the Barbican or even head to the beaches of Cornwall and Devon!

Dr Tina Joshi

Dr Jodie Fisher