Soapbox Art & Science Leeds 2017

Soapbox Science is coming to Leeds for the very first time, but will have a new and exciting element! Who is a scientist and who is an artist? Can the work someone in a lab coat is doing relate to a painting, or a dancer, or be understood through music? The new project aims to bring science to arts fans and art to scientists. By challenging artists and scientists to work together, Soapbox Art & Science will bring difficult science concepts to the public in exciting, innovative and engaging ways.

Some of the UK’s leading women in science will take to their soapboxes to showcase their science to the general public, alongside some amazing local artists.

The new Soapbox Art & Science 2017 event will capitalize on Soapbox Science’s current strengths to widen the audiences exposed to science carried out by women and will facilitate communication and collaboration between the arts and science communities.

Soapbox Art & Science Leeds will be part of Light Night in the University Quarter.

Details of the location and timing of the event

Date: Friday 6th October, 2017

Address: Beech Grove Plaza, University of Leeds

Time: 6pm – 10pm


We couldn’t run this Leeds event without the generous logistical and financial support of our sponsors. Since 2014, our overall whole initiative is supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council. We are very grateful for their financial support of the new Soapbox Art & Science project.

Our Scientists & Artists

Our new Art & Science events saw strong competition to take part. The selected participants and their discussion topics include:

Rhiannon Gregory (@rhi_gregory), Textile Artist will work with Dr Lorna Dougan (@DouganGroup), University of Leeds. Their topic: “Exploiting engineered proteins to design novel biomaterials that solve healthcare challenges.”

Pippa Church (@Pippa_Church) and Julianna Skarzynska (@jul_skar), New Vic Borderlines  will work with Dr Dimitra Blana (@ddimitra), Keele University. Their topic:  “Animating puppets and re-animating limbs: how we tackle paralysis”

Dr Eirini Boukla (@EiriniBoukla), University of Leeds  will work with Dr Anne Buckner (@Starry_N3bula ), University of Leeds. Their topic: “Star Clusters: The Majestic Building Blocks of Our Galaxy” Watch their collaborative project ‘The Creation of the Heavens’ here

Deborah Gardner (@sculpture410), University of Leeds will work with Dr Anke Brüning-Richardson (@AnkeBgyar), Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology. Their topic:  “See how they run (or not!) – Stopping brain tumour cells from spreading

Dr Joslin McKinney (@JoslinMcK), University of Leeds will work with Dr Catherine Walsh, University of Leeds. Their topic:  “From Interstellar Snowflakes to Life, Ice and chemistry in space

Dr Joanne Armitage (@joannnne), University of Leeds  “Can you feel the music?”

Jane Scott, University of Leeds will work with Professor Michelle Peckham, University of Leeds. Their topic: “Seeing is believing – how microscopy can show you what cells are made of”

Victoria Stafford (@ToriaStafford), University of Manchester “Dig that Uranium Glow – Using Luminescence Spectroscopy to Study Uranium”

Dr Louise Murray, University of Leeds “Radiotherapy in 2017: personalised and precise cancer treatment

Rosie Shepley (@RosieShepley), Artist  will work with Dr Philippa Shepley (@PhilippaShepley), University of Leeds. Their topic:  “Condensed Matter Physics: Beyond the North: the secret life of magnetic domains”

Dr Tatiana Abellán (@TatianAbellan ), University of Murcia will work with Dr Patricia Abellán, SuperSTEM. Their topic:  Soft-matter and Nanoplasmonics: Below the surface of matter”