Soapbox Art & Science Lincoln 2017

Soapbox Science is coming to Lincoln for the very first time, but will have a new and exciting element! Who is a scientist and who is an artist? Can the work someone in a lab coat is doing relate to a painting, or a dancer, or be understood through music? The new project aims to bring science to arts fans and art to scientists. By challenging artists and scientists to work together, Soapbox Art & Science will bring difficult science concepts to the public in exciting, innovative and engaging ways.

Some of the UK’s leading women in science will take to their soapboxes to showcase their science to the general public, alongside some amazing artists.

The new Soapbox Art & Science 2017 event will capitalize on Soapbox Science’s current strengths to widen the audiences exposed to science carried out by women and will facilitate communication and collaboration between the arts and science communities.

Soapbox Art & Science Lincoln will be part of Frequency Festival.

Details of the location and timing of the event

Date: Saturday 28th October, 2017

Address: Corn Hill Exchange, Lincoln

Time: 1pm-4pm


We couldn’t run this Lincoln event without the generous logistical and financial support of our sponsors. Since 2014, our overall whole initiative is supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council. We are very grateful for their financial support of the new Soapbox Art & Science project.

Volunteer with Soapbox Art & Science Lincoln

Are you passionate about science and love talking to people about it? Do you want to help raise awareness about gender equality in science careers? Soapbox Art & Science Lincoln is looking for volunteers to help out at their event on 28th October 2017!

Please sign up here

Soapbox Science is not just about the speakers. Without a supportive team of committed, enthusiastic people, a Soapbox event simply cannot happen. Each event relies on an animated team of up to 20 volunteers. Volunteers play a crucial role in rounding up the public, chatting to them informally about science, supporting the speakers by managing props and helping to calm any pre-box nerves, as well as handing out Soapbox goodies to lucky audience members! But perhaps the most important role of the volunteers is gathering data so we can effectively monitor the success of the event: volunteers carry out the bulk of our streamlined evaluation process, through interviews, observations and counting footfall.

Join us for an afternoon of fun, informal and inspiring art & science and help challenge ideas about who can be a scientist!

Meet our speakers!

Udi WoyNuclear AMRC “Manufacturing Imagination: All around us are dreams turned to reality; through manufacturing ideas and dreams are tangibly transformed, improving the world around us”

Dr Rebecca Dewey, University of Nottingham “Can we “see” our hearing?”

Dr Joanne Armitage, University of Leeds “Can you feel the music?”

Dr Louise Murray, University of Leeds “Radiotherapy in 2017: personalised and precise cancer treatment”

Charlotte Bjorck, University of Sheffield “How can we use farting cows and soil to power cars?”

Alice Baillie, University of Sheffield “Making space to breathe: how leaves take up CO2”

Dr Elisa Nauha (@elisanauha), University of Lincoln “Crystals and symmetry – hidden patterns that affect our everyday life”

Giulia Pederzani, University of Sheffield “Elastic fibres and crawling cells: what happens if you stretch an artery?”