Soapbox Science 2016 Newcastle

We are very excited to be hosting Soapbox Science Newcastle for our second year running – and this year looks like it will be as lively, entertaining and unexpected as ever! We have rounded up twelve fantastic female scientists who are going to take to their soapboxes and share with you some of their fascinating work.

Come along and learn about how genetics is shaping drug research, what we know about animal emotions, the bacterial properties of soil or how to look after our teeth. There is something for everyone, young, old, expert or novice, and our speakers will encourage you to join in, heckle and keep them on their toes.

This is one of several Soapbox Science events running across the country this summer aiming to bring science to the people and help eliminate gender inequality in science.  We hope we’ll see you there!

Details of the location and timing of the event

Date: Saturday 18th June, 2016

Address: Grey’s Monument, Newcastle

Time: 12pm – 3pm

This is a free event, all are welcome!


We couldn’t run our events without the logistical and financial support of our sponsors.

This year Soapbox Science Newcastle is being supported by the Physiological Society, the National Institute for Health Research, the Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre and our organising team are from Newcastle University, in particular the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biosciences. Since 2014, Soapbox Science is supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.


For a second event in the region, 2016 saw strong competition to appear at the event. The 12 winners and their discussion topics included:

Dr Agnieszka K. Bronowska, Newcastle University “Proteins Sing and Dance for Drug Discovery”

Dr Rebecca Thompson, Cryo-electron microscopy support scientist “Seeing proteins: what the most powerful microscopes in the world are telling us about how our cells work”

Dr Karen Johnston, Durham University “Batteries of the future”

Ms Carol Mahoney, Newcastle University “Geological Time Machine – go back in time and explore the Earth’s distant past!”

Dr Julia Beaumont (@BradToothFairy), University of Bradford The Bradford tooth fairy tells stories from your teeth”

Dr Amanda Jones, Northumbria University “Who needs a pharmacy when you have one in your own garden?  Explore the antibacterial properties from bacteria in the soil”

Dr Clare Andrews, Newcastle University “How does that make you feel, birdie? Scientists find out about animal emotions and well-being”

Dr Lynsey Hall, Newcastle University “When the drugs don’t work – how genetics can help”

Dr Tora Smulders-Srinivasan (@toraks), Northumbria University “Racing fruit flies to study brain disease in people”

Dr Ann-Marie O’Donoghue, Durham University “Sustainable Chemistry: Next generation catalysts and taking inspiration from Nature” 

Ms Yvonne Choo (@yvonnechoo_sl), Newcastle University “Polymers: A Blessing in Disguise? What would our world be without ’em?’”

Ms Ilaria Spiga, Newcastle University “Sounds of the sea: how human-made noise can affect marine animals”