Soapbox Science 2017 Belfast

Dr. Geetha Srinivasan and her team, together with Dr Cristina Lagunas, Dr Diane Lees-Murdock and Dr Victoria Simms are thrilled to invite female scientists from Ireland region to participate in the upcoming Soapbox Science event. This year, Soapbox Science will be held on 24th June 2017 where eminent women scientists from UK and Ireland will be talking to the general public about their work and passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) in Belfast streets. The event’s mission is to raise the profile, and challenge the public’s view, of women in science. If you’d like to see what Soapbox Science looks like in action, have a look at our Soapbox Science 2015 video.


We couldn’t run this Belfast event without the generous logistical and financial support of our sponsors. We are grateful to L’Oreal and The Queen’s University of Belfast for supporting our initiative in Northern Ireland for the second time running.

Details of the location and timing of the event

:  Saturday 24th June 2017

Address: Victoria Square Belfast BT1 4QG

Time: 2 – 5pm


2017 saw a bit of competition to appear at this event, with 20 applications received. The winners and their discussion topics included:

Ms Jiawen Sun (@JiawenSun37), University Belfast “How big data analytics could help us to know our life better”

Dr Miryam Arredondo-Arechavala, Queen’s University Belfast “Meeting ‘eye to eye’ with atoms:  exploring the tiny world of nanomaterials”

Dr Nancy Artioli (@NancyArtioli), Queen’s University Belfast What do you know about the catalytic converter in your car?”

Dr Sandhya Moise (@SandhyaMoise), University of Nottingham Repair and regenerate with cells and materials” 

Dr Karen Galway (@kthompo), Queen’s University Belfast  “Can science fix broken emotions?” 

Dr Leila Moura (@LeilaSakura7), Queen’s University Belfast “From clouds to crystals: finding the balance”

Ms. Marta Lorenzo (@lorenzo_marta), Queen’s University Belfast “Flexible Batteries”

Dr Natalia V. Plechkova, Queen’s University Belfast “Green chemistry making the world a better place” 

Dr Lana McClements, Queen’s University Belfast Diabetes and Pregnancy”

Dr Sandya Tirupathi (@spurimetla), Royal Belfast Hospital For Sick Children Belfast “Brain Matters”

Dr Edel M. Hyland, Queens University Belfast “Mutants that cause disease: how deadly organisms evolve”

Dr Caoimhe Archibald (@CArchibald_SF), East Derry, Sinn Féin “How can science help politicians do their job”