Soapbox Science 2017 Toronto

Soapbox Science is coming to North America for the first time ever and the Faculty of Science at Ryerson University is very excited to be the official host! The event will take place in Spring 2017 in the heart of downtown Toronto at Yonge-Dundas Square. Our Soapbox Scientists will be talking about science that is as diverse and lively as our vibrant city. Canadian women who are experts in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) sector will transform the way Canadians access science by bringing their work to the public.

Details of the location and timing of the event

Date: Saturday 13th May, 2017

AddressYonge-Dundas Square

1 Dundas St. E., Toronto ON M5B 2R8

Time: 11am – 2pm


Soapbox Science Toronto is being sponsored by the Faculty of Science, Ryerson University.


2017 saw much competition to appear at this event, with many applications received. The selected speakers and their discussion topics include:

Professor Dawn Bazely  (@dawnbazely), York University How do I know if that plant is poisonous?”

Ms Samantha Yammine ( @SamanthaZY), University of Toronto “How stem cells build & rebuild brains” 

Dr Lynda McCarthy , Ryerson University “Together – let’s make the Great Lakes great again!” 

Dr Stephanie MacQuarrie (@stmacqu), Cape Breton University “Reaping the Unsown Benefits of BioChar”

Dr Emma Allen-Vercoe (@EmmaAllenVercoe), University of Guelph How to become a good Microbe Manager”

Dr Nadia Octave (@noctavedc), Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Québec – Université Laval High energy photons to treat cancer”

Ms Sasha Weiditch, University of Toronto “The world’s most abundant entity, the bacteriophage, and how it kills bad bacteria in your body, food and more!”

 Dr Rosa-Maria Ferraiuolo (@L_Porterlabrats), University of Windsor “Fishing Our Way to New Cancer Treatments” 

Ms Ashley Reynolds (@ashinonyx), University of Toronto & the Royal Ontario Museum “Solving purr-plexing mysteries of the sabre-toothed cats” 

Dr Nikolina Radulovich (@CAGIS_Oakville), Princess Margaret Cancer Centre “Building ‘Cancer Avatars’ to quickly discover effective treatments”

Ms Marina, Freire-Gormaly, University of Toronto “Water Treatment using Solar Power for Remote Communities who Lack Access to Clean Drinking Water”

Dr Malgosia Pakulska (@SCBakes), Fields Institute “Using Jello to regenerate the injured spinal cord”