Soapbox Science 2018 Norwich

Norwich, a world-leading centre for health and life sciences and home to the Norwich Research Park is rightly proud of its cutting-edge science and our first appearance in Soapbox Science (coordinated by the Teacher Scientist Network) is a chance to celebrate the vital role women play in these breakthroughs.

Join scientists from the John Innes Centre, the Quadram Institute and The Sainsbury Laboratory on 27th October 2018 and discover just what these scientists get up to when they are not stood on a soapbox in Central Norwich. From bugs on plants, to bugs in our gut and fish in the Broads to starch on our plate there will be something for everyone, and its a part of Norwich Science Festival as well! Bring your sandwich and have a listen!

Details of the location and timing of the event

Date:  Saturday 27th October 2018

Address: Hay Hill (between TopShop and St. Peter Mancroft)

Time: 11am – 2pm


The Teacher Scientist Network, in coordinating this event, is grateful for all the support it has received most notably from the participating scientists but additional behind the scenes help from the JIC, QIB and TSL and also from Norwich City Council and Norwich Science Festival.


Selected from a competitive pool of researchers, our 12 speakers will be sharing their work in technology, science, medicine and engineering. The speakers and their discussion topics are:

Joanna Feehan (@jofeehan), The Sainsbury Laboratory “Getting the message across – how do plants ring the infection alarm?”

Dimitra Lamprinaki (@Dlamprinaki), Quadram Institute “The sweet communication between gut microbes and our defender cells”

Erika Coletto (@ErikaCol83), Quadram Institute “Bugs in your gut, thoughts in your brain. Which is the link between the two?”

Marina Corrado (@MarinaCorrad), Quadram Institute “Starch Wars: Episode I – The rise of the Resistant Starch”

Emily Winter (@EmilyR_Winter), Bournemouth University “Big Brother on the Broads – Uncovering the behaviour of Norfolk’s pike and common bream”

Dr Maria Derkacheva, The Sainsbury Laboratory “Armed and dangerous: how plants fight the pathogens”

Dr Rebecca Horn, John Innes Centre “Consistent forms: the control of leaf shape”

Rebecca Corkill (@The_Corkinator), John Innes Centre “A bug’s life (and death): The fight against insect pests”

Elizabeth Chapman (@LizCh), John Innes Centre “Staying greener for longer: A good idea for wheat breeding?”

Dr Archana Singh, John Innes Centre “Aphids on the world’s crop: Information to their genome”

Prof Caroline Dean (@CarolineDeanLab), John Innes Centre Sensing and remembering winter”

Dr Zoe Schofield (@zoevschofield), Quadram Institute Bioscience “Personal trainers for your babies immunity: How bacteria shapes the early life immune system”