Soapbox Science Dublin!

By Natalie Cooper (@nhcooper123 ), Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin & Soapbox science organiser for Dublin 


Trinity_College_Dublin_CampanileAre you a woman in science? Are you passionate about sharing your research with the public and increasing the profile of female scientists generally? Do you let out a sigh when these events are always arranged in London? Well sigh no more, this year Soapbox Science is expanding to other parts of the UK and excitingly, across the Irish Sea to Dublin, Ireland.

We’re looking for speakers from across the island to join us on Saturday April 26th in Trinity College Dublin’s beautiful Front Square. We’re also looking for volunteers (of any gender) to help out with organizing the event beforehand, and to help on the day gathering up crowds, passing round props and holding umbrellas during the inevitable rain! It should be a great opportunity to network with some amazing scientists, learn more about science communication and have fun!

But why do we need Soapbox Science in Ireland? If someone asks you to name a famous scientist working in Ireland, the chances are they’re a middle-aged, white, man. But Irish science is much more diverse than this. Unfortunately the majority of academics in senior positions tend to be male, even though the gender balance is 50:50 for PhD students across most science disciplines. Soapbox Science’s mission is to help eliminate gender inequality in science by raising the profile, and challenging the public’s view, of women and science.

If you’d like to apply to be a speaker at this year’s event please go to the home page, download the form, and email it at

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