Soapbox Science Gothenburg Organising Team

Dates for Soapbox Science Gothenburg:

April 18th 16-18 and April 20th 12-14

Soapbox Science Gothenburg 2023 took place as part of the Science festival (Vetenskapsfestivalen) on the 20th of April in Nordstan, following a successful first year in 2022. 

Soapbox Science brings together the talented female and non-binary scientists from both Gothenburg University and Chalmers. 

Soapbox Science allows the public to meet some of the best scientists in Gothenburg, to listen to their ground-breaking discoveries and to ask any burning questions they may have.

Organising team

Astrid von Mentzer: Researcher, Group leader, Dept of Microbiology and Immunology, Gothenburg University

Kerryn Elliott: Researcher, Dept of Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Gothenburg University

Manuela Terrinoni: Researcher, Dept of Microbiology and Immunology, Gothenburg University

Viola D’mello: PostDoc, Dept of Physics, Gothenburg University

Anna Brandt: PhD Student, Dept of Physics, Gothenburg University

Andrea Ramnath: PhD Student, Dept of Life Sciences, Chalmers University

Instagram: @soapboxscience_gothenburg