Celebrating Women’s day

What better day to launch our brand new, sparkling Soapbox Science website than International Women’s Day! This day is a celebration of women and their role in society. Science is the corner stone of society. Science is the medical knowledge that keeps us healthy. Science is the materials that improve our lives. Science is the food we eat everyday. Science is the view from the top of your favourite mountain.
Women have had an important role in the scientific discoveries that shape all facets of society. By recognising this, we can help promote the role of women in science in the future. But promotion and raising awareness is not enough. We have such little understanding of the real reasons why women are under-represented in science. Childrearing/caring for dependents is one contributing factor, but not all women who struggle to stay in science have kids/dependents. There is a deeper struggle which goes beyond this – equality: and this is really what International Women’s Day is all about. When we have equality in the scientific workplace, and in our attitudes to what is required of you for a successful career in science, then the problems will no longer be a ‘womens’ problem.
International Women’s Day is a great excuse to reflect on women’s role in science, and to celebrate the amazing women in science we have today. To support the day we have contributed a page to the International Women’s Day website (http://www.internationalwomensday.com/soapboxscience#.UTh0HByGHjU) outlining Soapbox Science’s efforts in helping gain equality in science.

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