Sign up & join us in Newcastle this June

Are you a female scientist? Do you want to share your enthusiasm and explain your science to everyone but aren’t sure how? It’s easy! Sign up to stand on a soapbox and help turn Grey’s Monument area in Newcastle city centre into a hub for science.




Our team of Soapbox Science organisers – Dianne Ford, Paula Salgado, Nancy Rios, Kevin Waldron, Lis Lowe, Joanna Keith. Kirsty Steed joins us for the 2016 event.




Soapbox?! Yes! That is exactly what we mean. Running for the sixth time across the country and for the second time in Newcastle, Soapbox Science brings female scientists close to the public, showcasing their fantastic work. We know it sounds weird, so here’s what people thought about our event last year:


“Getting up on the Soapbox and shouting out ‘what do you think of when you hear the word bacteria?’ was possibly one of the most nerve-wracking experiences I’ve had, but people immediately coming to tell me what they thought, and having a great chat about all things related to gut bacteria was very reassuring and loads of fun, and the time flew by. I’m actually quite disappointed I can’t do it again!” Dr Lis Lowe, speaker last year and one of the organisers


If you’re still unsure, you can read what our speakers and volunteers thought, and also meet the team that will help you get your science to the people of Newcastle:


We’d like to hear from female scientists at any career stage, from students to professors, from academia to industry, from microbiology to astrophysics – all are welcome! So please, sign up to join us on June 18th, at Monument in Newcastle. We can’t guarantee the sun will be shining again, but we are sure you will have a brilliant time – we did! And if you’re still no sure, would like to know more or talk to one of the speakers from last year to before signing up, just drop us an email:



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