Soapbox Art & Science: Call for Scientists

Soapbox Science is proud to announce a new collaborative project between artists and scientists to inspire a new generation of scientists and tackle gender issues in science careers



We are excited to announce that the call for artists to take part in Soapbox Science’s new Art & Science collaborative project is NOW OPEN!

Soapbox Science (11 of 79) copyOn top of our usual events, Soapbox Science’s 7th year is set to bring innovative, awe-inspiring, and mind-boggling science to arts festivals around the UK. Thanks to our new STFC-funded project, Soapbox Art & Science will now also be uniting artists and female scientists to explore fresh and engaging ways of communicating scientific ideas through art, and testing them out on audiences at arts festivals.

Are you a female scientist who is passionate about your work, and eager to explore your topic in creative ways? If so, then Soapbox Art & Science needs YOU! We are looking for female scientists in all areas of science, from PhD students to Professors, and from entry-level researchers to entrepreneurs, to take part in this cutting-edge project.

Any area of science can inspire art: from string theory to laser technology to elephant behaviour! And artistic approaches can provide new, fresh ways to explain science to a non-specialist audience.



What is Soapbox Science?

485A1498Soapbox Science is a grass-roots science event that brings science to the masses, and tackles inequality issues in science. Female scientists stand on soapboxes on busy urban streets and chat with the public about their work. Our Art & Science events will match scientists with an artist (from a variety of disciplines), who will work with them in the run up to the event to produce a new, innovative and engaging way to help communicate their science. As a non-profit initiative who runs free science communication events, we are unable to pay artists and scientists for their time. We are mindful of the financial and time pressures experienced by many artists and scientists, and therefore do not expect new art work to be produced for these specific events. We moreover expect time commitments from the artists & scientists to be kept to a minimum.


Why should you apply to be a Soapbox Art & Science scientist?

  • Help us improve the visibility of women in science
  • Develop engaging and innovative ways to communicate your science
  • Make valuable connections with artists and other scientists
  • Engage with people who might not otherwise encounter science


What other benefits will you gain from taking part?

  • Training at one of our bespoke Soapbox Art & Science workshops
  • Chances to meet other fantastic women in science from around the country and join our growing Soapbox Science Alumni community of over 350 inspirational speakers
  • Join the conversation about equality in science and highlight your ideas of how best to increase the visibility of women in science


Soapbox Art & Science will be running in the following cities (exact dates TBC)


Soapbox Science (14 of 79) copyOxford – July 2017

London – September 2017

Lincoln – September 2017 (digital art)

Leeds – October 2017



You can apply together with an artist or we can match you with a local artist with similar interests. You will need to be available for a workshop in January (date TBC) as well as one afternoon at the festival you choose to participate in. The deadline for applications is 18/11/16.

Have we convinced you? Apply for one of our events here

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