How ever did I get here?: Meet Adeyemi Oginni

Dr Oginni Adeyemi, Olaide, (@OginniAdeyemi2) University of Lagos, Nigeria, is taking part in Soapbox Science Lagos on 22nd August 2019 with the talk: “Creativity and Me....using Science as a Tool!!”




How ever did I get here?
By Adeyemi Oginni


I only remember I loved to solve domestic problems, by looking for ways to make my
chores easier or fun to deal with!!

Architecture, a science and art of buildings, was a career I stumbled upon. I had an Uncle
who was an architect, and loved how he used wood for interior furnishings. I remember I
never liked straight cut sciences, but I loved drawing in Biology class. The spunk for
studying Architecture came when I heard I couldn’t make it through because I was a
female!!!. That was all I needed to push me forward!

I then decided to study Architecture, which is a form of functional art and is useful in
solving societal problems. Now I’m involved various fields such as Climate change and
Sustainable Architecture, Pro-poor housing, Urban planning of Cities, Gender and
Architecture to mention a few.

I only know that I made it through to a doctorate. 11years of straight study non-stop and
ended up with the 3rd baby on the way, by the end of my PhD. The fun part for me, is
when people see my name with all the appellations and have a surprised look on their
faces. *snicker* . I did something really worthwhile, didn’t I!

Soap box is a platform where I can ‘kick off my shoes’ and enjoy speaking about a tough
experience. Looking from a bird’s eye view, I treasure every step I took. Nothing good
really comes that easy. I’d like to encourage young girls, that they can thrive in a male
dominated profession and society such as we have in our society Lagos, and in Nigeria.

Thank you Soap Box!

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