Health and well being are just as important as profit, growth and knowledge: Meet Ashley Noseworthy

Ashley Noseworthy, Edgewise Environmental / Course Instructor at MUN

Soapbox Science talk title: How to speak Whale

Q: What are you most proud of and/or what have you learned from doing research/ maintaining your business- especially during the pandemic?  

There is no question that 2020 has been A YEAR! Each of us has had obstacles to overcome when dealing with a global pandemic in many facets of our lives. The world has been forever changed and change is not an easy thing to embrace, especially when it happens on such a drastic level. But I have learned, if I am anything, I am adaptable.

During the past few months I am most proud of the company’s resiliency and our ability to pivot to meet our client’s needs. Most of all, I am proud of us for completing our FIRST research and development project especially because it was during a pandemic. It is proof that innovation is an essential pillar to adaptability and embracing change. I have learned many things during the past 6 months both about myself and about science and business in relation to Edgewise. This is not an exhaustive list but includes the highlights:

– When it comes to marine mammal sound in the water – the pandemic has been an incredible opportunity to build our understanding during a period of less man-made noise in the water. It’s been dubbed an #anthropause

– Versatility is key: pivoting from working in close proximity with others to predominantly online has been essential for all. Despite the distance, this does not take less work, it takes MORE!

– It takes a village! In order to succeed during these trying times it takes the support of employees, mentors, friends and family.

– Balance is necessary. As a woman in science and business I could easily work 20 hours a day – and sometimes I do. My health and well being is just as important as profit, growth and knowledge. I have learned I underestimate this balance and  am working to do better!

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