Galway Local Organising Team

Soapbox Science Galway

Our team consists of Dr. Jessamyn Fairfield and Dr. Emily Growney from NUI Galway. Jessamyn is a lecturer in the School of Physics and CÚRAM, and leads research on neuromorphic nanomaterials, physics education, and public engagement with science. Emily is a tissue engineer based in CÚRAM where she researches biocompatible coatings for neural implants, and is currently doing research and development in the structural heart group at Boston Scientific as part of her CÚRAM Marie Curie MedTRAIN fellowship. Both Jessamyn and Emily have previously spoken and volunteered for Soapbox Science events and are excited to bring Soapbox Science back to Galway in 2020.

The Team

Right: Jessamyn Fairfield @ultrajessamyn

Left: Emily Growney


Soapbox Science Galway is supported by the NUI Galway Office of the Vice-President for Research.

WiSTEM Society was founded in September 2020 and our aim is to support, help and encourage women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in NUI Galway to achieve their full potential. 

We aim to be a part of a growing movement which makes STEM subjects more accessible to the next generation and make STEM a more diverse and accepting field to work and excel in. With this aim comes goals to help the women of STEM in NUIG build the skills they need to succeed and find role models, internships and connections in their particular industry. 

Past events

Find out about past events and speakers in Galway: