Soapbox Science 2015 Glasgow


On the 7th of June 2015 in Glasgow’s West End join us to find out what Scotland’s female researchers are up to. We have collected the finest women in research to come along and shout about their science, and to share with you why they find it so exciting.All are welcome so why not take this opportunity to ask your questions on subjects from the Higgs Boson to human bone structure? If you’d like to see what Soapbox Science looks like in action, have a look at the Soapbox Science 2012 video

Details of the location and timing of the event

Date: Sunday 7th June, 2015

Address: Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8AG

Time: 11am – 3pm


The Natural Environment Research Council is sponsoring the Glasgow Soapbox Science event, as well as providing individual support to Dr Emily Messer & Miss Lydia Bach. The Natural Environment Research Council is the UK’s largest funder of independent environmental science, training and innovation, delivered through universities and research centres. Formed by Royal Charter in 1965, the Natural Environment Research Council marks its 50th anniversary in 2015. Throughout NERC’s Summer of Science, NERC researchers (such as Emily and Lydia) will be taking their work and enthusiasm out to the public, branching out from the usual science festival venues into shopping centres, music festivals, pubs and even beaches.

Soapbox Science Glasgow is run with support from The Glasgow Science Festival, the Natural Environment Research Council Grant (NE/M001415/1) allocated to Dr Paul A Hoskisson and the Equality and Diversity Unit, University of Glasgow


2015 saw strong competition to appear at the event. The 13 winners and their discussion topics included:

Prof Tracey Howe (@ProfTraceyHowe), Glasgow Caledonian University “The Musculoskeletal Elf exercise and arthritis: Old wives tales or evidence for exercise and arthritis of the hip or knee?”

Ms Rebecca Douglas (@BeckyDouglas), University of Glasgow “Gravitational Wave Astronomy ­ Opening a new Window in the Universe”

Miss Nora O’Murchu, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh “Integrating Prevention into the Dental General Anaesthetic ‘Extraction Only’ Pathway of Care”

Prof Gail McConnell (@gailmcconnell), University of Strathclyde “See more clearly: New types of microscope to sharpen the eyes of researchers”

Prof Liz Tanner (@LizTanner99),  University of Glasgow “New bones for old: Developing materials to replace human bone”

Dr Anne Pawsey (@ACPawsey), University of Aberdeen “A physicist in the kitchen: Soft matter physics applied to food and drink”

Miss Lydia Bach (@lylubach), Queen’s University Belfast “Food (webs) for thought – Or when I realised that marine food webs behave just like Facebook does”

Dr Catherine Lawrence and Dr Chris Carter, University of Strathclyde “Worms: What are they good for?”

Ms Bhoomi Gor, University of Glasgow “Why stress a fruit fly?”

Dr Emily Messer (@emilyjemesser)Heriot Watt University “Wild Medicine: Animals use self-­medication to prevent infection and disease”

Dr Sarah Boutle, University of Glasgow “How to find a Higgs boson”

Ms Sara Restuccia, University of Glasgow “The Bell’s experiment and all its interesting consequences”

Dr Ria Vaportzis, Heriot Watt University “A Tablet for Healthy Ageing”