Soapbox Science 2020 St John’s

We are very excited to bring you St. John’s first Soapbox Science event this year! There are far fewer women in leadership positions in STEM fields than men, with gender disparity being particularly wide in Newfoundland. We, Dr. Sarah Sauvé, Özgen Demirkaplan and Christina Prokopenko, are bringing Soapbox Science to Newfoundland to bring fantastic local women scientists to the spotlight, and bring you the latest cool science happening right here in the province! We are thrilled to present our brilliant speakers to you below. In the next few weeks, you will learn more about them through social media campaigns and you’ll get to meet them on Zoom throughout the month of September!


We are currently seeking sponsors, we will announce them as soon as any are confirmed!

Details of the location and timing of the event

Dates & Times
: September 15th at 14:00, September 22nd at 17:00, September 29th at 14:00

Location: Online via Zoom

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Selected from a competitive pool of researchers, our 9 speakers will be sharing their work in technology, science, medicine and engineering. The speakers and their discussion topics are:

September 15th at 14:00

Julie Turner (@WanderingBiol), Postdoctoral Fellow, Memorial University of Newfoundland, “Hyenas aren’t the enemy: insight into their lives, personalities, and social behaviour”. Read the blog here

Shreyasi Sarkar, (@Shreyasi09), PhD Candidate, Memorial University of Newfoundland, “Missing pieces to the diet-microbiota-health puzzle”. Read the blog here

Kris Poduska (@KrisPoduska), Professor and Head, Memorial University of Newfoundland, “Wow, you can do THAT with physics?!”. Read the blog here

September 22nd at 17:00

Hannah Wallace (@HannahWallace14), PhD Candidate, Memorial University of Newfoundland, “Viruses and the cells they kill”. Read the blog here

Ashley Noseworthy (@edgewiseNL), CEO/Founder, Edgewise Environmental, “How to Speak Whale: Marine Mammals and Ocean Noise”. Read the blog here

Wendy Lasisi (@neurogist), PhD Candidate, Memorial University of Newfoundland, “MRI: a snapshot of brain damage and recovery”

September 29th at 14:00

Katrien Kingdon (@katrienkingdon), PhD Candidate, Memorial University of Newfoundland, “The whereabouts of wolves: The importance of predators in our landscape”. Read the blog here

Yanitza Trosel Arroyo, PhD Candidate, Memorial University of Newfoundland, “Our protein machines from physicist’s eyes”

Diana Di Carvalho (@DianaDeCarvalh5), Assistant Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland, “5 reasons why we should sit less and move more”. Read the blog here

Discover our 2020 speakers:

Diana Di Carvalho, Yanitza Trosel Arroyo, Ashley Noseworthy

Hannah Wallace, Katrien Kingdon, Shreyasi Sarkar

Wendy Lasisi, Kris Poduska, Julie Turner