Networking with other scientists and the audience: Meet Anna Tatkiewicz


Mrs Anna Tatkiewicz, University of Plymouth, is taking part in Soapbox Science Plymouth on 1st June with the talk:“Thick, tasty and yummy – how science improves yogurt“






SS: How did you get to your current position?

A colleague of mine has sent me a copy of the offer, so I’ve applied and got selected


SS: What, or who, inspired you to get a career in science?

Not entirely sure, probably other colleagues that are scientists themselves


SS: What attracted you to Soapbox Science in the first place?

My supervisor, Dr Victor Kuri encouraged me to participate in it


SS: Sum up your expectations for the day

Networking with other scientists and audience


SS: If you could change one thing about the scientific culture right now, what would it be?

I guess the most important is around grant and funding criteria, as sometimes very good project could be rejected due to the way it’s been written, so more flexibility around it would be great

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