Have fun and don’t be shy!: Meet Sophia Doll

Dr. Sophia Doll, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, is taking part in Soapbox Science Munich on 1st June 2019 with the talk: Wofür sind gebrochene Herzen gut?“





Soapbox Science Munich: Did you choose a scientific career or did the scientific career choose you?

Sophia Doll: I chose the scientific career


SSM: What was the key event that brought you to the place where you are now?

SD: My Masterthesis at the biotech company Genentech in San Francisco found out that science can be fun!


SSM: What’s your favourite daily scientific superhero power?

SD: My favorite daily superhero power is the freedom of trying out crazy ideas


SSM: What is the most exciting aspect of your research?

SD: Most exciting aspect of my work is that I am working with actual cancer patients and that lab research can be translated into the clinic.


SSM: If you are stranded on a desert island: what scientific equipment would you bring?

SD: Probably none and enjoying sun and beach 🙂


SSM: What challenges do you encounter in science?

SD: Many challenges. Science is highly competitive. Science can be disappointing despite investing a lot of work but this is what makes you stronger and motivates you to tackle challenging problems.


SSM: What motivates you to give a talk in Soapbox science?

SD: Winning the Max Planck Science Slam.


SSM: Do you have a few words to inspire other female scientists?

SD: Have fun and don’t be shy!


SSM: What can we do to attract more women to STEM fields?

Promote them via PR of the institutions. More advertisement in public locations, such as u-bahn…

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