What we do now will shape the lives of those in the future: Meet Camille Carroll

Dr Camille Carroll, University of  Plymouth, is taking part in Soapbox Science Plymouth on 1st June with the talk: What is a clinical research?“ 


SS: How did you get to your current position?

Hard work, determination, lots of support from a mentor, and from my long-suffering husband and children who probably struggle to remember what I look like.


SS: What, or who, inspired you to get a career in science?

A book I read when I was 12. It got me interested in psychology and that progressed to an interest in neuroscience.


SS: What is the most fascinating aspect of your research/work?

The realisation that what we do now will shape the lives of those in the future. If we are really lucky, we might get to see that happen within our lifetime.


SS: What attracted you to Soapbox Science in the first place?

Clinical research is vital to healthcare advance. Without it there would be no progress. Research depends on people being willing to participate, not just in the studies but in all aspects of research delivery – from conceptualising the problem, to desiging the stufy, to disseminating the findings.


SS: Sum up in one word your expectations for the day



SS: If you could change one thing about the scientific culture right now, what would it be?

More resource. I spend a disproportionate amount of time scrabbling together funds to try and support my team. If I could concentrate on the research, I could be so much more productive!

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